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How Did You Celebrate National Hanging Out Day?

Yesterday was National Hanging Out Day and I’m pretty sure only me, Carmen and twenty other people in the country knew it, but we celebrated none the less. NHOD is a day when all hippies and people with broken dryers and cheap husbands hang their clothes on a clothes line to take a stand against power hogging dryers. Yes, it has been two months now since our dryer died and I have yet to replace it. Before you all start filling the comment section with “poor Carmen” messages, I do the laundry in the house. Yes, I do and have always done the laundry in our house.

Just to give you an idea how much energy we’ve saved by not replacing our dryer, check out this chart. It shows the last two years energy used by our house on a month to month basis.


That’s right. Our bill for the month of March was $47. $47!!! It means we’ve cut $40 off one of our monthly bills, and our old dryer was highly inefficient. I will be adding a few racks to expand drying capacity, and a spin dryer in the next few weeks, but I feeling pretty good about this whole exercise. Forget the “environmental benefits”, I’m only concerned with the financial benefits. What started out as our inadvertent week in green, has turned into a new way of life.

A little about me:  My name is Frank Barrett. I am a husband to an awesome wife, father of two great sons, a Freemason, Scoutmaster, proud former member of the 1-168th INF, and a woodworker. I enjoy cycling, fishing, writing and making people laugh. By day I am a mild-mannered IT Manager.


  1. Man, and I thought I was cheap. Did you factor your time into this equation? How long does it take you to hang up and take down everything? Surely your free time is worth more than $40.00 a month. Plus, just the joy of putting on hot jeans right out of the dryer. Hot Damn!

    • It’s not like you watch the clothes dry. You hang up the pants, shirt, whatever and within a couple hours…..BOOM they’re dry. It’s actually kinda liberating!

  2. Time is money Frank, time is money…wait until the kids are in organized sports and you have something to do EVERY NIGHT of the week this week except for tonight – which is when you will have a chance to do laundry…

    Monday – Peyton’s track meet; Jessica and Cassidy’s cheer/gymnastics
    Tuesday – Peyton’s baseball game @ 6; Jessica cheer
    Wednesday – LAUNDRY AND GET TO EAT DINNER AT HOME!!! Jessica cheer (just because it’s their last competition this weekend)
    Thursday – Peyton’s baseball game @ 8; Jessica cheer
    Friday – NOTHING!!! WOO HOOOOO
    Saturday – Jessica’s cheer competition in Branson
    Sunday – Day of rest?? Nah, doubt it.
    Monday – Peyton’s track meet…and it begins again.

  3. Already have that figured out. Most of the laundry is done before the rest of the family wakes up, or after they go to bed. I require about 4 hours of sleep a night, so that leaves plenty of time for chores. That and the fact that the boys are only 16 months apart in age eliminates/combines most activities. 🙂

    I have an answer for everything!

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